Saturday, July 11, 2009

Perfect Storage

Everyone knows how important is the reliability of computer data storage. Here I will try to describe several ideas of how to turn computer disks into a perfect computer files/data storage.

1. Protection from linear damage. Every block written onto the disk will be backed up automatically in 2 backup zones. Blocks will be compressed, also my Xincrol algorithm will be used to put blocks in uniquely random locations on the disk. When block damage is detected it will be restored from one of the backup blocks and moved to another healthy location. Damages like scratches, bumps and drills will be easily recovered because of 2 backup zones and absolutely random location of backup blocks.

2. Block damage detection and recovery will allow alarm faulty disks problem long before they will really cause a data loose.

3. 4 disks must be used for storage quadrant. 2 for mirroring and 2 for parallel access.

4. File system can detect most accessed files and automatically defragment them, so disks will work in most optimal way all the time.

Such storage will never fail! Will work very fast and actually will never need any backup. This would be perfect for banks, libraries, archives, big websites, voicemail and email, video and audio editing etc.

I can design, develop and produce such Storages.

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  1. So... you reinvented RAID mirroring with 2 times as much base storage? And what if the datacenter is on fire? Will this solution protect from data loss in such a situation just as well as proper backup?